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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A case for abortion

I have just sat through my first and I can tell you my last episode of that smash MTV reality/staged show called Jersey Shore. While watching these morons, and they are morons, I couldn't help but think that here is a solid argument for pro-choice proponents. How can any parent take claim to helping to create any of those who star on that show? I would have hung myself had I had a kid whose nickname is snookie, or the situation. Are you kidding me. I also could help but think that some one's kid is sitting in a foxhole in Afghanistan taking fire so that these idiots can prance around and commit acts of imbecility all along the Jersey Shore. Television has run out of creative things to air so they come up with reality and reality sucks, I know because I used to tune in to escape it. Now I can't wait to turn on the tv and see myself as the star of a show called: The Saga of an American TV viewer.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mark's story needs a shot itself.

Anyone who watched Mark McGwire try to explain that he did in fact use steroids must have fell off their seats when he proclaimed that it had no effect on his swing and homer run out put because he was "peeking" at that point of his career. He did admit that he used them because while at the "peek" of his career his body was breaking down! WHAT! Hey Mark are you now getting advise from convicted politicians? I didn't know that pros peek in their 15th and 16th year and did so by hitting one homer run every 14 times at bat to hitting one every 8 time at bat! Lets face it, Mark,do you think that the public is that stupid? We all know why you now are trying to come clean you want the hall and you want to be apart of something that you have loved to be a part of all your life. However,your story to Bob Costas could have used a shot of what you took when you hit 70 and 65 home runs because it fell short of the complete , come clean truth. Mark you are a liar and a fraud, but don't worry you're not the only one baseball has produced, and though I think you truly love the sport, you brought disgrace to it when you decided that hitting a home run every 8 at bats is nothing less then a pro at the height of his game and not one who hung on longer then he should have and needed help doing it. I am also a realist and I know that the generation of spoiled,players that will be known as the steroids generation will at some point vote you into the hall, I just hope that your display has a needle next to the bat you disgraced Rodger Maris and his family with. Mark you could have simply said: Yes I took steroids and it did have an impact on my stats and yes I got caught up in the hype and it was nice to capture my youth again and swing without pain in my lower back. And I just got done apologizing to the Mrs. Rodger Maris, who has seen her husband's achievement spat on once again by our national past time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our town parks

Here is an update on our town parks: THEY ARE STILL EMPTY!


Governor Paterson of New York recently stated that the media was, perhaps, bias in their reporting of him. WHAT!! Lets see Mr. Paterson has tried to shove Richard Ravitchs on the taxpayers of this state by ignoring the state's constitution and has tried to take whatever freedom we have left as citizens of this once great state away from us and he feels as if he's being picked on because he is black. Well, I guess,thats a relief to here that is not just our police doing all that racical profiling but now our media too.

Friday, August 21, 2009


The recent statement by ailing Massachusetts Senator, Ted Kennedy and New York Governor Paterson's actions should be cause for concern. Mr. Kennedy, recently stated that the state's legislature ought change the law for replacing office holders so that when he decides to step down the governor can appoint his replacement. In New York, Governor Paterson's decided to ignore the state's constitution when he appointed as "his own" Lt. Governor. Both of these moves ought to raise concern for democracy lovers everywhere since they are no more different in principle then a military general overthrowing a civilian government. The difference being the means at which they achieve their goal; one uses weapons and the fear of force while the other choose the uses a pen and the law. Mr. Kennedy states that he is in full support of the special election law that states that an election should be held no sooner than 145 day and no later then 160 days from the vacancy of the seat. However, the senator is concerned about leaving his seat unfilled with a chance that the President's Health plan may makes its way to the senate for a vote and that would mean that Massachusetts would only get one vote. Never mind the law, just change it and get on with doing the people's work. Never mind that any appointee would have a clear advantage, not earned, over any other candidate in the special election that would be held, and that's not fair.
In New York the Governor in his attempt to solidify power decided that the State's Constitution didn't mean a thing and went ahead and appointed Richard Ravitch Lt. Gov. Thank God for the court. Now what remains to be seen is what the Governor of New York and the Massachusetts legislature do next, remember they are all lawyers and thus trained at circumventing the law.


I don't care what anybody thinks on this one, but there is something totally wrong when one man gets two years for shooting himself and another gets less than a month in jail for running down another person causing that person's death. Heck Stallworth, can even leave his so called "house confinement" to train. Its all sick folks and its getting sicker by the minute. So sick that the W.H.O ought to issue a warning when coming to the U.S. that states "WATCH OUT FOR IMBECILITY". What Plax did was wrong and he should have known better but to send him up the river for two years when all he did was injure himself is insane! Don't get me wrong, had he shot someone else then there be hell to pay, but he didn't thus why not fine the shit out of him and place him on probation for two years where he can do community service and not be a drain on an already overburden and strapped for cash correctional system.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hollywood and violence

You know it has always baffled me that those in Hollywood, the execs,the producers, the directors, and the actors all go around telling us that violence doesn't pay and yet they make movies that give it creditabilty while going out of their way to show the viewers death and destruction in ways they have never seen before. Just a thought.